GUIDE is a leadership organization focused on providing freshmen with an upperclassman "Guide" to assist with the new and diverse environment of college.  Each fall, we have a retreat that gives freshmen and uperclassmen a chance to get to know one another.  This helps in the process of creating guide-fish pairs.  After retreat, pairs are placed on small teams that meet bi-weekly to help build relationships and foster quality leadership traits in every individual, guides and freshmen alike.  There are also organization-wide meetings with a specific theme that promote one of the core values of Texas A&M or GUIDE.

Mission Statement

GUIDE seeks to build meaningful mentor relationships between upperclassmen and freshmen.  The guide will be a basis of support for the freshmen during their time at Texas A&M, and serve as an aide in the development of their Aggie Spirit.



Aggie Spirit

            Aggie Spirit exists in all Aggies on some level.  The collective Aggie Spirit on and off campus is what makes this University a truly unique institution.  The Aggie Spirit must be passed on in order to remain strong.  GUIDE should always strive to present its freshmen with positive examples so that the Aggie Spirit can grow within future generations of Aggies.

Leadership & Development

             GUIDE not only wants its members to transition successfully into college, but also to be able to contribute to the Aggie Community. In order to allow members to take a more hands-on role in GUIDE, there are four Spring Committees that provide both guides and fish the opportunity to develop and implement leadership skills.

 Personal Relationships

             The primary goal of GUIDE is to facilitate the creation of personal relationships, in particular between a freshman and their guide.  All efforts of this organization should be focused on the creation of these relationships.  At the least, these relationships should allow the freshman to find a sense of belonging at Texas A&M and allow them to gain a broader awareness of the opportunities and services that are available to them here.  The ability to build personal relationships is vital to success at Texas A&M and in the world beyond it.


             GUIDE was established to aide in the transition of freshmen from high school to life at Texas A&M University.   Texas A&M can be a very overwhelming environment.  The knowledge and experience of the guides and executive team should be harnessed for the benefit of the freshmen.  In this way, we hope for the transition to be as successful as possible.