Do you remember all the stress of being a new student in an unfamiliar place? You not only needed to figure out where your classes were but also needed to do it with enough spare time to find a good seat. 

On the first two days of each semester, GUIDE serves the student body by giving directions.  With 4 booths around campus, we provide help via maps and help students navigate to their classes.  We also give information regarding bus routes to make travel on and around campus easier. 

We typically help around 2000 fellow aggies each semester. 

If you choose to volunteer, there will be an orientation meeting on the Sunday before school starts to best inform you about your duties. Let us know if you may not be able to make this orientation and we can make other arrangements!

This campus-wide event helps welcome the Freshmen class and we would love for you to be a part of it in the future!


TOUR GUIDE DAY Spring 2012